Temporary Roofs

Hakitec Roofing Systems

Installed on a range of prestigious and high profile projects HAKITEC Temporary Roofing Systems lead the way in static, moveable or crane access structures.

Utilising either the traditional 450mm beam or revolutionary new 750mm beam offering a large span, site managers are assured that every system is adaptable, lightweight, safe, fast and easy to erect.

Hakitec Roofing Systems
Safe Design

Operator safety is at the heart of every HAKI product. This is why each component of the HAKITEC Temporary Roofing system is fully tested to the most rigorous standards.

The unique design of HAKI roofing systems means that systems comprise fewer components and stress points than other products on the market, making them safe and easy to use.

Lightweight Construction

Speed and ease of use is vital for temporary roofing structures where adverse weather conditions may dictate sudden and rapid opening/closure.

That's why every component of the HAKITEC roof has been developed to minimise weight making it easy to handle yet without compromising quality or safety.

Speed of Construction

The lightweight construction and efficient design of the HAKITEC roofing system means that it can be assembled up to five times faster than other traditional structures.

With optional means of assembly, site managers can be confident that any downtime is minimal allowing projects to run to schedule.


The Haki Trak sheeting system allows for planned or unplanned access at any point throughout the whole roof. Whole sections can be opened up, e.g. for crane access.

Purpose-designed Components & Simple, Safe Erection Procedure

HAKI products are employed for such a diverse range of applications that the Research and Development team relentlessly pursues the most simple, efficient and safe methods of erection.

Backed by a dedicated training facility, 3D illustrations, CDs and comprehensive but easy to use step by step erection manuals, scaffolders will find HAKITEC roofing systems trouble-free.


A project may dictate the need for a 'contained' area, for example to prevent the ingress of dust or moisture, to protect the surrounding environment or simply to avoid disruption by poor weather conditions.

HAKITEC systems are the ideal solution to providing a perfect environment to allow work to continue to time and plan. Contained areas can also be heated.

Hakitec 750 beam

The HAKITEC 750 aluminium alloy beam is the latest revolutionary development from HAKI which has changed the face of temporary roof structures and aided the advance of scaffolding design.

The beam, which has an ultimate bending moment of 74kN.m and an ultimate shear force of 44kN, can span more than 30 metres yet at the same time is safe and simple to erect.

Hakitec 750 Beam
Hakitec Roofing Systems

The Hakitec 750, the best temporary roofing system....... or so our customers keep telling us.


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