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PlusEight® System Scaffolding

Turner Access Ltd over-see manufacture of the PlusEight® Scaffolding System and sell nationally as well as internationally. PlusEight® can be used in a number of industries including construction, petrochemical, aviation, TV, film and theatre, outdoor events and signboards. Turner Access Ltd are active members of the NASC (National Access and Scaffolding Confederation) and SIA (Scaffold Industry Association) in North America.

The PlusEight® Scaffolding System is perhaps the best form of scaffolding available in today's competitive industry. It offers many benefits:

Turner PlusEight® holds several achievements
Turner PlusEight® scaffolding system

Turner Access PlusGardT Advanced Guardrail

PlusGard™ is an additional, advanced guardrail that provides total fall prevention for the scaffolder throughout assembly and dismantling of a scaffold.

From the ground up, even at the first level, the scaffolder using PlusGard™ is no longer exposed to the danger of falling. The scaffolder can now enjoy the same protection as the user for whom he builds, not only eliminating the need of harnesses but also increasing the speed of work because of the now secure environment.

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From the ground up the operative using PlusGardT has the same protection as the user for whom he builds

PlusGard on Scaffolding

PlusGard is an additional advanced guardrail that provides fall prevention throughout the assembly and dismantling of all types of scaffold structure and aluminium access towers.

PlusGard consists of verticals (mounted on the scaffold's standards or frames) and telescopic guardrails. The vertical's locking device can be operated from above or below.

The modular double telescopic guardrail is attached to the verticals by height adjustable guardrail holders.

 Scaffolding Erection

When erecting a scaffold, PlusGard is assembled at each bay from the ground level. It is then moved upwards, a lift at a time, after the scaffold's integral guardrails have been put in place.

When dismantling, PlusGard is attached at the top lift and moved down as the scaffold is dismantled. Each move is made from the lift below before the scaffold's integral guardrails have been put in place.

PlusGard on Towers

Towers should be erected following a safe method of work. (Source: HSE Information Sheet No10 Revision 4)

The Prefabricated Access Suppliers' and Manufacturers' Association (PASMA), in co-operation with the Health & Safety Executive (HSE), have approved two methods of assembling, dismantling and altering mobile access towers. One of these is Advanced Guardrail.

PlusGardT is the first ever universal advanced guardrail system for use with access towers.

PlusGardT is a movable guardrail that can be positioned ahead of operatives ensuring fall prevention throughout the assembly and dismantling process.

PlusGardT has been designed to be compatible with all leading tower brands to make it accessible to all tower use.

HAKI Scaffolding System

Universal System Scaffolding

HAKI system scaffolding delivers versatility, speed of installation, safety, performance, reliability and adaptability.

All products are researched, designed, developed and manufactured only by HAKI, using the highest quality materials to ISO 9002. Backed by HAKI's training and technical support you are assured that expert advice is available to make certain that every stage of your project runs smoothly.

Haki - Universal System Scaffolding

Speed and Economy

HAKI Universal is rapid to erect and dismantle. Utilising fewer components than other methods and with a unique ledger beam which allows module sizes up to 4 metres, HAKI scaffolding improves productivity, is easy to install, requires less storage space, is more cost effective to transport and needs little maintenance.

With around 30% fewer components than other systems, HAKI Universal Scaffold is lightweight yet extremely robust, providing the ultimate safe working space


HAKI Universal is so versatile that it is ideal for a wide variety of uses including façade, support, independent, bird cage or suspended scaffold. The ultimate in flexibility is secured by interchangeable and universal components which permit every type of connection, overcoming even the most awkward applications.


Every aspect and physical component of HAKI system scaffolding is designed with safety in mind.

Which is why each connection, joint, catch or fitting HAKI has developed has undergone lifetime testing - delivering peace of mind to the specifier, contractor and scaffolder alike.

Haki - Universal System Scaffolding

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